Monday, 24 October 2011

Long Time No Speak

I have been utterly awful with keeping up to date with my blog. I'm in my third month of my job now, coming up to fourth, and I still love it. Had so many opportunities so far and have loads and loads planned.
I have Britains and Ireland's Next Top Model live on Friday which I'm SO excited about, haven't been to London in so long.

The main perk of the job is the fabulous pay packet, I've been spending money like it's going out of fashion, stocking up my saved list on ASOS daily...oops.

left to right: Henry Holland Floral Print Tunic Dress, New Look Red Marl Knitted Cardigan, Harajuku Lovers Baby Perfume, YSL Arty Style Ring, Disney Couture Fantasy Necklace, Vero Moda Polka Dress, ASOS Leopard Cardigan, River Island Tan Loafers, New Look Pink Satchel, ASOS Colour Block Satchel, H&M Pink Ring, Room31 Sequin Gold Cardigan.

Other than buying clothes I have actually been doing some work. My job is pretty much split into two sectors (Sec-TORS, Keith Lemon stylee). I work for a fashion site Room31 and discount sportswear site Labelsneak.  Room31 sells clothes that are right up my street, and I get to have a say in what we buy. It's just great! The cardigan above is lovely and perfect for dressing up for the pub. It's not on the site as we've sold out already but have a look!

I mainly do outdoor shoots, dabble a bit with studio but I'm mainly working for Labelsneak when we have models in. Here's some photography I've been doing...

Yumi Fox Blouse, Room31 (I've bought this! I get so many compliments!)

All modelled by my gorgeous friend Martha.

Had an amazing weekend at Alton Towers - I urge you to go to the Halloween Scarefest. Terror in the Towers was absolutely terrifying. Walking around a maze full of actors dressed in scary costumes jumping out at you and whispering in you ear, never been so scared in my life but brilliant fun! I cannot wait to dress as Wednesday Addams next Saturday for our Halloween night out!

If you have time, check out! Plus it'd be amazing if you could like us on facebook!  Promise I'll be updating more in the near future! x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Catch up

I've been so busy in work that i've completely neglected the blogging world! I don't even have anything interesting to say...

Well, it was one of my best friends 23rd birthday on saturday (still can't believe shes 23...insane). Of course I had to buy a new dress since I'd been paid for the first two and a half weeks of working. I ended up buying one from Motel and planned my jewellery and heels purchases around it. Just to my luck I didn't end up liking the dress once it'd arrived. I don't think Motel dresses are value for money at all. They feel like rags and the print is always low quality. Wasn't too impressed, so that's going back.
I'd tried a dress on the week previous in River Island so decided to hunt that down on the day of the shindig and splashed out 45 pounds on it. But I liked it and it was a size smaller than what I usually go for so a big confidence boost!

Some pictures...

The dress in question...needless to say I got called a reverend/nun all night! 

One of my oldest friends (Doogs as we call him, in the background of the picture) bought me that Hello Kitty monkey thing from New Zealand - so thoughtful. Naturally I had to put it as close to my face as possible.

Emily my bestest and me as Keith Lemon, ooosh.

Pretending to be cats....

Other than going out I've being working, going to pub quizzes, eating lots of junk food as per usual and buying endlessly online. Majorly disappointed that my Models Own order has still not arrived and is still processing. I understand they've been really busy but its such a long time to wait. Even an order from Hong Kong I ordered last week has arrived before it! My Idiot Abroad dvd came today so I'll more than likely be spending my night watching that. Karl Pilkington is the funniest man alive.


Sunday, 28 August 2011

I ain't wasting no more time

Well I said I wouldn't be buying for a while but I seem to have splashed out a fair bit seeing as I got money for the print and wedding deposit!

Firstly, I'll show you my Elf haul from earlier this month. 50% off was just too good.

Transculent matifying Powder, Warm Bronzer, Lipsticks, Blush in Fuchsia Fusion, Tone Correcting Concealer and Under Eye Concealer and Highligher


These lipsticks are amazing for 75p! They are quite glossy but fab for daytime wear. Classy is my favourite. Its kind of a plummy purple on, haven't stopped wearing it since I got it!


Some stuff I haven't tried yet but I have high hopes for: All Over Cover stick in Pink Lemonade + Light Beige, Black Cream Eyeliner, Duo Cream Eyeshadow in Black Licorice + Mocha Swirl, Mineral Blush in Rose and Mineral Lipstick in Cheerful Cherry.

I love shoes. I haven't bought a new pair of heels since June - my last pair were a complete disaster, ended up falling over many times in some wedges I bought from ebay on my birthday never again (bruises to prove this)!! This time I wanted a low heel, a pair I could walk in with ease. I picked up these from Internacionale.

Dirty from a night out last week :(

I picked up some more loafers from New Look for work, they're really nice but probably the most uncomfortable shoes I own, my little toe is still sore!

I came home last week to find these on my bed, the lovely new Harajuku Lovers fragrance from my mum and a Hello Kitty pez from my brother (he knows me so well). Apparently they were gifts to celebrate my new job, I'm in shock that my brother can be that generous ha!

And finally I painted my nails earlier. I am in no means a nail art pro at all. Infact I'm rather crap at it. I attempted leopard print with an old liquid eyeliner. Cannot wait for my WAH nail art pen to arrive!

Last night was the first Saturday night in ages where I did literally nothing. Ate a takeaway, festered infront of the tv and tweeted my life away. I watched The Strokes full set on bbcthree and absolutely loved it. They will always be one of my favourite bands. I actually forgot I had seen them years and years ago with an old flame. It was probably the worst gig ever as we were right up at the back in the circle and I was fed up of the company. I'd love to see them properly again!

I'm off to the cinema in a bit to finally watch the Inbetweeners (so excited), and some much deserved drinks in town to celebrate bank holiday, it'd be rude not to! Have a lovely day off tomorrow everyone! x 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Lucky Charms

me at work on monday...definitely one of those 'throw anything on in sight' mornings

I've had such a lucky few weeks, everything is finally going my way. In the space of a week I  started my new job, negotiated two weddings and sold this print (to a man in Belgium!!). I'm so pleased, but I don't seem to have any time for myself lately! My hair is looking grim, I've neglected painting my nails and I'm finding myself finishing off my make up in the car to work....not good. I'm always so tired too so I fear I'm sporting some gross bags under my eyes. However I still love my job, I've been working on some moodboards, researching S/S 2012 and trends for A/W 2011. Despite having an A level in it, graphic design really isn't my thing so I just threw these together to put on my boss's desk on her arrival back in the UK...

I really enjoyed doing them, not bad for a few hours work!

As we all know Models Own had their 50% off sale at 50,000 likes this week. I always get far too excited on their site because their nail varnishes are just fabulous. Ended up limiting myself this time, as I want money to spend on clothes rather than buying loads of make up! (Elf haul earlier this month oops!)

My buys: WAH black nail art pen, Blooboo, Utopia, Peach Sherbet, Top Turquoise and Pastel Pink and Hot Pink Lipstick.

However my luck didn't come into play on Monday night. The weekly pub quiz was a bit of a disappointment. Our pub has an "accumulator" raffle round and our raffle ticket was drawn out to be in with a chance to win £1800; however we didn't know the answer (question: which Clannad song featured in the film The Last of the Mohicans...) so we didn't win. Absolutely gutted but sick to my stomach that my friend and quiz regular knew the answer but she couldn't make it as she was back in Bournemouth for uni. I don't think I'll ever get over this!! The £50 cheque last night for a wedding i'm doing in october softened the blows I suppose...

My half sister is coming round for tea tonight so I can't fester on the internet tonight unfortunately, hopefully tomorrow night will be a much needed bed/junk food/pyjamas situation. CANNOT WAIT!
Also, three day weekend...need I say more!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Room 31

Three days into my first week as a worker and I am loving it. It is so up my street; I get edit photos, create listings for sites, plan shoots, sort out clothing for shoots and so many other things. Its so varied and I constantly have things to do. I'm so happy at the moment. This was just what I needed. I also work with a lovely girl; we get along like a house on fire and listen to french radio and take the mick out of Brian McFadden's video (oh my god, worst video EVER.)

all pictures taken with my iphone

What I wore today...

lighting was awful

Long Bow Top - H&M
Shrug - Internacionale
Loafers - River Island
Leggings - H&M
Necklace  Forever 21
Feather Earrings - Topshop
Bag - River Island

my old faithful bag, love it!

I love being able to wear my own clothes to work. I work in a cute little loft room at the moment so I can wear what I want. I've just been wearing casual with lots of accessories, me down to a T!

Aside from working I haven't been doing much else at all. Caught up on The Glee Project (final next week!!), ate a lot and actually have been able to sleep normal hours (I've been suffering from horrible insomnia). Tonight I plan to browse ASOS for an outfit for Saturday - it's one of my good friends homecoming, not seen him for over 18 months as he's relocated to Australia! Should be really good.

Hollie x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Littlest Things

I thought I'd show you some of my recent purchases I've made.

Firstly my new loafers. I love them, but I can't believe how badly made they are! After only wearing them 3 times, the stitching has already come away on the left shoe which is incredibly annoying. Might have to email and complain! They also took 3 months to arrive, got to hate H&M online a bit for that.

H&M £6.99 (or something - I used that amazing £10 + £5 voucher code they had on in May)

This looks dreadful on the hanger but its actually really nice on. I used to have a really similar Motel crop top like this but I sold it on ebay during a very dire lack of money spell. So I was made up when I found this in Forever 21 in Florida for 10 dollars I love leopard print!

Really lovely leopard print bag from Love Couture again from Florida, couldn't resist this at $20, plus its leopard print!

more jewellery
Silver Crosses Necklace - Forever 21
Gold Cross Necklace - Forever 21 (ridiculously tarnished now)
Black Cross Necklace (spot a trend...) - Primark 
Circle Ring - VIPXO

Close up of ring..

Now a couple of things that aren't that new, but I treasure and wear on a daily basis..!

Vivienne Westwood Melissa flats - £60. 

I love Vivienne Westwood shoes and I just can't get enough of them. I love these flats, but I have a hard time keeping them on my feet as they're so slippery  (damn rubber!). I still wear them a lot though because they are so pretty. I get so many compliments on these, they really add some excitement to an outfit. I actually own 3 pairs of the heels too:

Missing the Cherries as I've left them in my flat in Manchester. All possibly around £60 -80 - Ed bought me them for various birthdays. 

Lastly, one of my favourite rings:

River Island @ Asos - £12.99 (used the ASOS groupon voucher from ages ago)

I am so skint at the moment that I doubt I'll be able to make any purchases for a while. I start my job tomorrow, going to be thrown in at the deep end because my boss is going on holiday the day after. I'll really have to fit in with the group straight away and hopefully make a good impression as more than likley they'll be reporting back to the manager whilst she's away! Eek! I'm really panicked about my wardrobe at the moment. I feel like I've not got enough clothes to last a full working week, definitely going to have to recycle some old favourite outfits. Thankfully its casual wear so I won't have to buy any office gear.

I'm going to make a weekly feature on the blog about things I am loving at the moment, whether it be music, make up etc. wise. So here's my first one:

  1. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful I've been eagerly awaiting their first single for ages and this didn't disappoint.  My music taste could sometimes be mistaken for a 10 year old girls. I adore the Jonas Brothers and went to see them front row in November 2009...  I can has Louis Tomlinson pls?
  2. The Glee Project. I got completely and utterly ADDICTED to this programme in America. I have to admit I went off Glee big time during the last few episodes of the last season for some apparent reason, but this show is just amazing, probably my favourite reality tv show ever. I've become too obsessed with Cameron Mitchell, I think you should all check out his cover of Coldplay - Shiver. 
  3. e.l.f Cosmetics. I recently bought a massive haul during their 50% sale and I pretty much love all the products, especially the Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter, it is brilliant. e.l.f post coming soon!
  4. Fantasy Football. I did this last year and became very competitive and obsessive with it during the end of the season. Determined to keep on the ball (lol) this year and get a decent score! I unashamedly love football (infact I'm waiting for the Manchester United game - team of choice obvs) and I'm pretty made up the season started up again yesterday. My team name on FF is Hoolo Kitty, need I say more...
I need to grab some food, blog for Superdrug, prepare for my gruelling working week, catch up on Shooting Stars and try and get into Angry Boys - one episode in and I'm not convinced. Does it get better?! 

Hollie x

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Well, let me introduce myself! I'm Hollie, 22 from Warrington (inbetween Manchester and Liverpool). I like to take photographs, I'm horribly obsessed with jewellery and accessories and I love to eat (who doesn't!).
I've been meaning to start this blog for months (maybe even years). After a few failed blogging attempts and a long stint on blogging gorgeous make up, I'm back with a proper blog which I'll hopefully maintain. I'll probably blog about anything and everything - make up, jewellery, new purchases - I might even do some outfit posts if I have the guts!

I've just managed to secure a job doing something I love, which I feel incredibly lucky about! I'm going to be taking photographs of clothing for an up-and-coming clothing label in my home town, and be in charge of the post processing side and uploading them to their website. Sounds perfect for me! However, I've never been a morning person so the 8am-6pm day is going to be slightly tricky.

I love jewellery, infact most of my money goes on purchasing trinkets and jewels to accessorise an outfit. I always find myself wandering to the jewellery stand before the clothing in shops...
I've recently come back from a 2 week stay in Florida and needless to say Forever 21 was my shop of choice, I bought a lot of jewellery. F21 is probably my favourite place for accessories, infact I even planned a trip to visit the new Birmingham store (where my ex was staying with work, but thats another story) when it first opened and it didn't disappoint. Full F21 goodies post to come!
Some of my recent purchases;
Some bargains from highstreet sales! Flower Bracelet £1.50 Topshop, Blue Stone ring £1.50 Topshop, Angel Wings ring £1 Matalan, Square Earrings 50p Matalan

One of my best friends Lucy who's based in Bournemouth for University brought my back my belated birthday present on her arrival back in the north west and it is so cute! 

I'm pretty much obsessed with Hello Kitty which I'm sure you'll come to realise. The Chupa Chups lollipop (doesn't it look like a Pokeball!) came with the little HK figure. The dollshouse necklace is absolutely amazing and I've not had it off my neck yet! I'd been dying to get my hands on Models Own smash up - I'm actually wearing it in the above photos paired with Barry M Mint Green. I loved this present, so thank you Lucy!

Tomorrow I'll be putting on my heels as I'm going out for drinks and a dance with my best friend Emzo (who I'm sure will feature in the blog a lot!). I love going out recently, infact its been my saviour as I've not long come out of a 4 year relationship. Hurrah for friends and alcohol! 

Anyway this has been a fun first post to write. You can catch me on twittertumblr and snoop on my photography website if you so wish. Thanks for reading! 

Hollie x