Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Room 31

Three days into my first week as a worker and I am loving it. It is so up my street; I get edit photos, create listings for sites, plan shoots, sort out clothing for shoots and so many other things. Its so varied and I constantly have things to do. I'm so happy at the moment. This was just what I needed. I also work with a lovely girl; we get along like a house on fire and listen to french radio and take the mick out of Brian McFadden's video (oh my god, worst video EVER.)

all pictures taken with my iphone

What I wore today...

lighting was awful

Long Bow Top - H&M
Shrug - Internacionale
Loafers - River Island
Leggings - H&M
Necklace  Forever 21
Feather Earrings - Topshop
Bag - River Island

my old faithful bag, love it!

I love being able to wear my own clothes to work. I work in a cute little loft room at the moment so I can wear what I want. I've just been wearing casual with lots of accessories, me down to a T!

Aside from working I haven't been doing much else at all. Caught up on The Glee Project (final next week!!), ate a lot and actually have been able to sleep normal hours (I've been suffering from horrible insomnia). Tonight I plan to browse ASOS for an outfit for Saturday - it's one of my good friends homecoming, not seen him for over 18 months as he's relocated to Australia! Should be really good.

Hollie x


  1. Your job seems wonderful, it sounds like it's pretty much perfect for you.

  2. So jealous of you having a proper grown up job that you love! Glad things are so good though you totally deserve it :D xxx

  3. great photos, love the outfit too. X

  4. Thank you everyone! Claire I do feel like a proper grown up aha you're right! x

  5. You job sounds so incredible, I am very jealous. Your outfit looks lovely too, you shouldn't shy away from doing outfit posts like you said in your first post.