Sunday, 28 August 2011

I ain't wasting no more time

Well I said I wouldn't be buying for a while but I seem to have splashed out a fair bit seeing as I got money for the print and wedding deposit!

Firstly, I'll show you my Elf haul from earlier this month. 50% off was just too good.

Transculent matifying Powder, Warm Bronzer, Lipsticks, Blush in Fuchsia Fusion, Tone Correcting Concealer and Under Eye Concealer and Highligher


These lipsticks are amazing for 75p! They are quite glossy but fab for daytime wear. Classy is my favourite. Its kind of a plummy purple on, haven't stopped wearing it since I got it!


Some stuff I haven't tried yet but I have high hopes for: All Over Cover stick in Pink Lemonade + Light Beige, Black Cream Eyeliner, Duo Cream Eyeshadow in Black Licorice + Mocha Swirl, Mineral Blush in Rose and Mineral Lipstick in Cheerful Cherry.

I love shoes. I haven't bought a new pair of heels since June - my last pair were a complete disaster, ended up falling over many times in some wedges I bought from ebay on my birthday never again (bruises to prove this)!! This time I wanted a low heel, a pair I could walk in with ease. I picked up these from Internacionale.

Dirty from a night out last week :(

I picked up some more loafers from New Look for work, they're really nice but probably the most uncomfortable shoes I own, my little toe is still sore!

I came home last week to find these on my bed, the lovely new Harajuku Lovers fragrance from my mum and a Hello Kitty pez from my brother (he knows me so well). Apparently they were gifts to celebrate my new job, I'm in shock that my brother can be that generous ha!

And finally I painted my nails earlier. I am in no means a nail art pro at all. Infact I'm rather crap at it. I attempted leopard print with an old liquid eyeliner. Cannot wait for my WAH nail art pen to arrive!

Last night was the first Saturday night in ages where I did literally nothing. Ate a takeaway, festered infront of the tv and tweeted my life away. I watched The Strokes full set on bbcthree and absolutely loved it. They will always be one of my favourite bands. I actually forgot I had seen them years and years ago with an old flame. It was probably the worst gig ever as we were right up at the back in the circle and I was fed up of the company. I'd love to see them properly again!

I'm off to the cinema in a bit to finally watch the Inbetweeners (so excited), and some much deserved drinks in town to celebrate bank holiday, it'd be rude not to! Have a lovely day off tomorrow everyone! x 


  1. I'm thinking of taking advantage of the ELF sale as I've never bought anything from them before! I really have no idea what to buy though D:

    Love the leopard print heels! I tried on the same style of New Look loafers a few weeks ago and didn't get them because they didn't fit me right either, which sucks because they have really lovely flats! *shakes angry fist at feet*

    Love the leopars print nails too! I ordered a nail art pen from the Model's Own sale and can't wait to get it in the mail :D x

  2. All these things I want! ALL the shoes in particular:)

    Annest X