Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Catch up

I've been so busy in work that i've completely neglected the blogging world! I don't even have anything interesting to say...

Well, it was one of my best friends 23rd birthday on saturday (still can't believe shes 23...insane). Of course I had to buy a new dress since I'd been paid for the first two and a half weeks of working. I ended up buying one from Motel and planned my jewellery and heels purchases around it. Just to my luck I didn't end up liking the dress once it'd arrived. I don't think Motel dresses are value for money at all. They feel like rags and the print is always low quality. Wasn't too impressed, so that's going back.
I'd tried a dress on the week previous in River Island so decided to hunt that down on the day of the shindig and splashed out 45 pounds on it. But I liked it and it was a size smaller than what I usually go for so a big confidence boost!

Some pictures...

The dress in question...needless to say I got called a reverend/nun all night! 

One of my oldest friends (Doogs as we call him, in the background of the picture) bought me that Hello Kitty monkey thing from New Zealand - so thoughtful. Naturally I had to put it as close to my face as possible.

Emily my bestest and me as Keith Lemon, ooosh.

Pretending to be cats....

Other than going out I've being working, going to pub quizzes, eating lots of junk food as per usual and buying endlessly online. Majorly disappointed that my Models Own order has still not arrived and is still processing. I understand they've been really busy but its such a long time to wait. Even an order from Hong Kong I ordered last week has arrived before it! My Idiot Abroad dvd came today so I'll more than likely be spending my night watching that. Karl Pilkington is the funniest man alive.