Saturday, 13 August 2011


Well, let me introduce myself! I'm Hollie, 22 from Warrington (inbetween Manchester and Liverpool). I like to take photographs, I'm horribly obsessed with jewellery and accessories and I love to eat (who doesn't!).
I've been meaning to start this blog for months (maybe even years). After a few failed blogging attempts and a long stint on blogging gorgeous make up, I'm back with a proper blog which I'll hopefully maintain. I'll probably blog about anything and everything - make up, jewellery, new purchases - I might even do some outfit posts if I have the guts!

I've just managed to secure a job doing something I love, which I feel incredibly lucky about! I'm going to be taking photographs of clothing for an up-and-coming clothing label in my home town, and be in charge of the post processing side and uploading them to their website. Sounds perfect for me! However, I've never been a morning person so the 8am-6pm day is going to be slightly tricky.

I love jewellery, infact most of my money goes on purchasing trinkets and jewels to accessorise an outfit. I always find myself wandering to the jewellery stand before the clothing in shops...
I've recently come back from a 2 week stay in Florida and needless to say Forever 21 was my shop of choice, I bought a lot of jewellery. F21 is probably my favourite place for accessories, infact I even planned a trip to visit the new Birmingham store (where my ex was staying with work, but thats another story) when it first opened and it didn't disappoint. Full F21 goodies post to come!
Some of my recent purchases;
Some bargains from highstreet sales! Flower Bracelet £1.50 Topshop, Blue Stone ring £1.50 Topshop, Angel Wings ring £1 Matalan, Square Earrings 50p Matalan

One of my best friends Lucy who's based in Bournemouth for University brought my back my belated birthday present on her arrival back in the north west and it is so cute! 

I'm pretty much obsessed with Hello Kitty which I'm sure you'll come to realise. The Chupa Chups lollipop (doesn't it look like a Pokeball!) came with the little HK figure. The dollshouse necklace is absolutely amazing and I've not had it off my neck yet! I'd been dying to get my hands on Models Own smash up - I'm actually wearing it in the above photos paired with Barry M Mint Green. I loved this present, so thank you Lucy!

Tomorrow I'll be putting on my heels as I'm going out for drinks and a dance with my best friend Emzo (who I'm sure will feature in the blog a lot!). I love going out recently, infact its been my saviour as I've not long come out of a 4 year relationship. Hurrah for friends and alcohol! 

Anyway this has been a fun first post to write. You can catch me on twittertumblr and snoop on my photography website if you so wish. Thanks for reading! 

Hollie x


  1. haha thank you lovely! hopefully i'll be able to keep it up :) x

  2. This is stunning.

    Helen, X