Monday, 24 October 2011

Long Time No Speak

I have been utterly awful with keeping up to date with my blog. I'm in my third month of my job now, coming up to fourth, and I still love it. Had so many opportunities so far and have loads and loads planned.
I have Britains and Ireland's Next Top Model live on Friday which I'm SO excited about, haven't been to London in so long.

The main perk of the job is the fabulous pay packet, I've been spending money like it's going out of fashion, stocking up my saved list on ASOS daily...oops.

left to right: Henry Holland Floral Print Tunic Dress, New Look Red Marl Knitted Cardigan, Harajuku Lovers Baby Perfume, YSL Arty Style Ring, Disney Couture Fantasy Necklace, Vero Moda Polka Dress, ASOS Leopard Cardigan, River Island Tan Loafers, New Look Pink Satchel, ASOS Colour Block Satchel, H&M Pink Ring, Room31 Sequin Gold Cardigan.

Other than buying clothes I have actually been doing some work. My job is pretty much split into two sectors (Sec-TORS, Keith Lemon stylee). I work for a fashion site Room31 and discount sportswear site Labelsneak.  Room31 sells clothes that are right up my street, and I get to have a say in what we buy. It's just great! The cardigan above is lovely and perfect for dressing up for the pub. It's not on the site as we've sold out already but have a look!

I mainly do outdoor shoots, dabble a bit with studio but I'm mainly working for Labelsneak when we have models in. Here's some photography I've been doing...

Yumi Fox Blouse, Room31 (I've bought this! I get so many compliments!)

All modelled by my gorgeous friend Martha.

Had an amazing weekend at Alton Towers - I urge you to go to the Halloween Scarefest. Terror in the Towers was absolutely terrifying. Walking around a maze full of actors dressed in scary costumes jumping out at you and whispering in you ear, never been so scared in my life but brilliant fun! I cannot wait to dress as Wednesday Addams next Saturday for our Halloween night out!

If you have time, check out! Plus it'd be amazing if you could like us on facebook!  Promise I'll be updating more in the near future! x


  1. Love this hollie! Your photography is beautiful as per usual. Glad to see you so happy and now you've made me want to do shopping. I need a job!

  2. Absolutely in love with that fox blouse! Definitely going to check out the site :) Sounds like you've been having loads of fun, it must be awesome having a job you love! :D x

  3. hey! visit and followed you here now already. will you visit and follow mine too? it was so pleasure for me. thank you there :D

  4. nice xx :))

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