Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Lucky Charms

me at work on monday...definitely one of those 'throw anything on in sight' mornings

I've had such a lucky few weeks, everything is finally going my way. In the space of a week I  started my new job, negotiated two weddings and sold this print (to a man in Belgium!!). I'm so pleased, but I don't seem to have any time for myself lately! My hair is looking grim, I've neglected painting my nails and I'm finding myself finishing off my make up in the car to work....not good. I'm always so tired too so I fear I'm sporting some gross bags under my eyes. However I still love my job, I've been working on some moodboards, researching S/S 2012 and trends for A/W 2011. Despite having an A level in it, graphic design really isn't my thing so I just threw these together to put on my boss's desk on her arrival back in the UK...

I really enjoyed doing them, not bad for a few hours work!

As we all know Models Own had their 50% off sale at 50,000 likes this week. I always get far too excited on their site because their nail varnishes are just fabulous. Ended up limiting myself this time, as I want money to spend on clothes rather than buying loads of make up! (Elf haul earlier this month oops!)

My buys: WAH black nail art pen, Blooboo, Utopia, Peach Sherbet, Top Turquoise and Pastel Pink and Hot Pink Lipstick.

However my luck didn't come into play on Monday night. The weekly pub quiz was a bit of a disappointment. Our pub has an "accumulator" raffle round and our raffle ticket was drawn out to be in with a chance to win £1800; however we didn't know the answer (question: which Clannad song featured in the film The Last of the Mohicans...) so we didn't win. Absolutely gutted but sick to my stomach that my friend and quiz regular knew the answer but she couldn't make it as she was back in Bournemouth for uni. I don't think I'll ever get over this!! The £50 cheque last night for a wedding i'm doing in october softened the blows I suppose...

My half sister is coming round for tea tonight so I can't fester on the internet tonight unfortunately, hopefully tomorrow night will be a much needed bed/junk food/pyjamas situation. CANNOT WAIT!
Also, three day weekend...need I say more!



  1. I bought some stuff form Models Own too - i've never tried their products before but i was definitely tempted by the 50% promotional offer, it's so generous of them! xxx

  2. oh wow, i think you're in for a treat! cannot wait for my goodies to arrive, especially the nail art pen as i've never used on before :') xxx

  3. thanks for the lovely comment. i bought from the models own 50% off sale last time, i think i'll wait until it dies down alittle before i try this time.
    i haven't tried the topshop blushers no but i think i should !

  4. That sucks! I'm really bad at pub quizzes :/ but it's all about the fun right?